Wednesday, December 12, 2018

America Betrayed,

Tonight is the synch with the "Toy Soldier" which is when the SPIRIT does the fighting for me and so many are reached to the heart.


I am feeling that their are a lot more criminals in politics than ever could have been supposed. I mean it is beyond obvious we are all witnessing a criminal in the White House that will stop at nothing to fulfill a narcissistic intent and that includes breaking the law, collusion, or anything.  These people knowing this and ALLOWING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO BE SUBJECTED TO THIS AND EVEN  TO ALLOW HIM TO USE THE NEXT ELECTION TO EVADE JUSTICE WHICH MEANS HIS INTENT WILL NOT BE FOR THIS COUNTRY,,, well that means they are all betraying this country. Well like the Hitler Regime everyone who was complicit was condemned and that was what the predictions suggest also with all Under the Hat and the Message of Hope . And so many thinking they have the upper hand now from those following Trump to those using shame for gain have no idea how the smallest of points they overlooked will turn the tables but it will but nobody really wins as also was predicted, just the degree of desolation grows each passing day that this goes on and America is not reached to the heart.

If life reaches You to the heart by seeing loss then don't think as the world teaches that it is punishment. For as I tell Pam, what is better?, for a man to be alone with the Spirit in the wilderness often for three days, or to have devastating JOLTS that will reach You to the heart in the coming years?

Could the ORANGE EVENT that has been predicted be immanent and cause America to be reached to the heart?

Coming GOP humiliation and Orange is Coming

 March 03, 2016

You cannot understand the smallest of points coming and you will get off this planet if you do not have true intent toward SPIRIT, Get ready for the wild ride! That is the synch from SPIRIT



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