Thursday, January 31, 2019

Possible Thief in Whitehouse

Ok the sinkholes occurring near the white house and in Mar a lago and the dream meaning of sinkhole

Sinkhole، To dream of a sinkhole represents feelings of shock that an unexpected problem is surfacing or must be confronted. Surprise exacerbation of problem or problems that seemingly arise with no warning. Feelings of anxiety about problems will arise with no warning. Feelings of unexpected failure or embarrassment.

This also has to do with my synch with manhole on Pennsylvania street which I have some posts about still. 

Quote:Its big and it will surprise everyone.

Had this synch this morning
Shocking Secret
andSynchronicities of Late:

And Life is full of surprises, and surprise her and many other synchs with surprise.
Manhole cover synchs started with this story in Mammoth Lakeshttp://www.talkabouthistory.com/grou...es/638349.htmlMany more the last few days related to undercurrents of government
Manhole cover on Ellen Degeneres, and also on HoneymoonersPam and I walked and had many synchs with vortex related to manhole covers.
Religious hate disguised as Tolerate or TOLERHATE/ many synchs with with the word hate tonight

Then yesterday there was this sinkhole in Florida which revealed an attempt to rob a bank.

Knowing the true intention of the heart of Trump this synch showing up at this moment seems to tell me that Trump was making plans to rob the coffers and this leads me to the Russian Oligarch and building the wall and the demand for 5.7 billion dollars and why Trump is so adamant about getting it done NOW!

I know there is something there going on as the synch with the con man that took my family and his true intention of heart while telling the whole town a story that they wanted to believe but it was a lie.


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