Sunday, February 24, 2019

MI6 and MS13

Today I found people calling me and asking for me to help them and when I fix whatever it was they needed help with each of the parties gave me food. Very strange because it synchs with my post yesterday and my intentions about getting what you need and not necessarily with money.

MS13 was on my mind yesterday and I began to have the intention about what is truth and what is hype about them. I had a feeling that governments do horrible things in secret and that other people that live on the edge are often doing what they must to survive.  This morning Pam decided to watch a PBS program about MI6. I began to realize that everything that one country fighting to survive is what every Military Intelligence organisation has had to do. I am not saying that they don't do horrible things but that all have done such things and of course each had their reasons. It is our governments that place the sign of the beast on whom disagree with them and those do not cooperate with their wishes when there really is no difference. So it is with everyone as everyone has sinned and everyone has failed. These aspects of reality are meant to reach all of us to the heart and make us better understand the other guy. But because of the belief in competing interpretations about good and evil everyone is not paying attention to their selves but rather trying to appear good when no one is good but the SPIRIT of God is the point of attention to make you a fountain of good.

Seems to me the real evil is those that believe so much that there is evil while doing evil and manipulate and accuse others in order to make themselves look better politically or in their little circle. These seem to be motivated by money or power and do not care if their version is true just if they win or not. This is evil, these are they that do not possess the truth and fight to keep anyone else from it in order to possess what the world believes is important to possess.


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