Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Precession, The Honeybee and synchs

Precession and the Honeybee

One of Bucky’s favorite stories regarding precession was the story of the honey-bee. Seemingly inadvertently, the honey-bee goes about his business of gathering honey. Precessionally, at ninety degree’s to his body and his flight path, his legs gather pollen from one flower and “accidentally “ take this pollen to the next flower, resulting in cross pollination. The outcome of this seemingly inadvertent accidental activity is that the bee contributes enormously to life on earth. Of the 100 crop species that provide 90 per cent of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.

This was one of the synchs in 1993 walking alone and having to do with the fragrance of the heart. As I go about my moments especially in wonder (attention to SPIRIT) I am taken by something liken to a burning bush or manna (What is IT?)

When I am in sanctuary I am like an apple tree that relies on the honeybee to show up. I am OFF IN WONDER and when something shows up that I recognize as a synch I treasure it. A honeybee follows it's path but 90 degrees to it's intention of the honey the SPIRIT is at work distributing at 90 degrees to the intent of the bee. Last night as I was in wonder, I heard these words in the background and felt them to be related to other things.

"They will need time to find out who is behind the attack" Medici

Thoughts: BBC Cameraman, Russian Asset

"Assassination Attempt".   Medici
Synch with Assassination and "his own people" 

To do good, you have to be good .  Medici
(led by SPIRIT)

words on TV :What is better than money
To have a future was the phrase I told someone once when they were sad and could not think about anything else than what they did not have.

"Struck deal with _______ (Melan)" and "I fear their terms were more dire than he said" Medici
The synch I felt about the Russian Asset and owing them money for what they did for him

Debt to be repaid and GOP humiliation

"This Game will Take everything from you" Survivor Edge of Extinction

Manipulators such as some those that misuse the trust of their constituents will begin to have their own manipulations take everything from them. Like manipulating women that work to setup others. Like the WH that lies and those in their base trusted them.


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