Saturday, February 16, 2019

Prediction from feb 16th 2017 about the Orange Emergency

Post from Feb 16th 2017 was about the Storm and the coming GOP Humiliation
 which points to another thread

Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!

This "Orange is Coming "28 july 2007 prediction and the prediction of You and I collide Aug 27, 2005 this summer are proving to be the most accurate [prediction that the mind could not conceive of without SPIRIT and synchronicity.


28 july 2007

Which points to the orange synch from 2007 which says about the emergency

Laugh as Your security is not found in those that create terror in order to control You (hearts and minds) but rather through coming to know the true Spirit that is Your life.
Joy in the face of danger.

The fearful lobby for laws that will help them feel safe, but the only safety was meant to be in walking with Spirit like a friend that has your back and teaches you to live free without fear. So the fearful should not block their fears through laws or family agreements but should be a "living sacrifice" in order to learn from YOU.(I will reach YOU through what You have created for Yourself,, hurricanes etc.) The cross is seeing that You create it for Yourself and that attention to the poetry of your moment takes your mind off of death and fear and grows to life without fear even when the whole world is changing around You. When one is truly reached to the heart by knowing what they put out is what they get they learn to stay focused, if not obsessed, with Spirit. Like a lover that meets his bride and cannot think of anything else. Such an experience leads to a choice to "relive the cross daily" or "die daily" in that when any thought occurs that would lead away from Spirit I let go and start over until I am with YOU fresh again in this garden. You see, I asked for that experience that I might know YOU. Neither do I say that You do it to me, but I created it and You are in service to my life when You did what You did.
Blessed is She who nailed me to this tree.


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