Sunday, March 31, 2019

SPIRIT's power is not learning, Guatemala synchs again

The power of the SPIRIT to JOLT my attention away from trying to fix a problem was provided by such a situation that was so overwhelming and such a huge stone in my path that it was impossible to fix it and made me realize what it meant to trust SPIRIT. I have documented how I wanted my own family to realize what I was talking about having to do with the freedom of SPIRIT and how we are redeemed from the pain of life by learning that the SPIRIT is always there to do it and through working with the energy through attention to it (mis conscrued definition of worship) causes us to slowly, gradually learn to let go and let the SPIRIT do each step that we learned from SPIRIT. This brings me to the predictions that led to Trump and what is going on now. It is not as important that we live a life and have everything if we don't grow this connection. The very people that believe they are first related to God are actually inhibited by a veil of interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT and as I found this needed to be laid aside and let the SPIRIT through Synchronicity lead into all truth. Those that use the law against others rather than realizing it was given to them to keep will be revealed to have never actually given their lives to the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus, which is the same SPIRIT that speaks through everything to which it was said even the stones will speak out if we do not allow the SPIRIT to speak through us. Learning an interpretation is the way of human learning but not the way of SPIRIT. The way of SPIRIT is giving the lover of God what is needed in "this moment". And it will be revealed that those of the interpretation actually do not believe enough in the power of SPIRIT to live the ecstatic SPIRITUAL existence. This is why Trump was put in place, because he uses the law in a manner it was not intended and leads you to reach to the SPIRIT as life gets more on the edge. Trump will end in desolation because he trusts in money and human ideas of power but the SPIRIT has put you like Joseph in this well that you might be led to SPIRIT.

Guatemala Synchs again

We went to the Serenity Thrift Store on Saturday and took our friend from England named Kay. After leaving their Pam wanted to go to the Shoe store nearby and I decided to check out the

Tienda General El Gallo 502 where I related to the Guatemalan workers and spent a little time remembering some of the things about similar stores I had visited in California. 

   We then went to Habitat for Humanity and as I walked around I saw a person that I realized was related to my old Guatemalan synchs where I had met several Guatemalans in one day that related to the storm coming at the border where YOU and I would collide in similar fashion as predicted during the California posting Years. So I knew because of being full of the SPIRIT in the matter that I could ask her if she was Guatemalan and sure enough she was. She realized something about the SPIRIT and got very interested in our connection and asked for my phone info so her family that spoke better English could contact me if they had more questions. Kay also interacted with her and related to her about her experience with my synchs and helped her with her pain. This synch with Guatemala made me look up what was going on today with them and found that Trump stopped all aid to them and that their is another Caravan/Storm brewing.


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