Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bewitched and Bewildered, Judaculla and Greed, Easter,

Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
When You are in Love, life finds a way, this is the love that it was said "without love you are nothing".   Blues and the Joyful Sorrow that directs your attention toward SPIRIT.
Rumi Poem of the Guest House

When my Wave Passes Over, You will be Swept into WonderEnchanted life Path, Your Moments in Wonder reveals the True intentions of the Heart

They "right people" that love their interpretation more than they love each other always interpret away the simplicity of the SPIRIT, in that you do not get truth from following an interpretation but by seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart. Real spirituality is not an idol such as an interpretation, but it is letting the SPIRIT paint the picture, layering the stone each day like a cameo until you have a rock that you truly can hold onto. Those that interpret the letter are being led to desolation, because they never knew the true intentions of the heart and are really drawn to the snake and the twisted reality that he paints.

Judaculla Rock

Make No Mistake about it Greed will tell you any lie and use the law in any way to control you!

I have been having synchs with greed Trump, and those that would manipulate and use the law in a manner it is not intended for money. The prediction is that money will lead to desolation. The secret hidden in the heart is why this also has to do with the men and women separation and why both are to be shamed because one side worships an interpretation of shame that was not of SPIRIT but given to them by the snake. What this drew to me when I saw someone having a very similar real experience with synchs was also relating to what those hiding their true intentions of money while despitefully using others for gain.
Started with this synchronicity which is very much like my own experience
Microbes and the Judaculla and Greed

The idea that a monster story is really talking about microbes and how narcistic greed draws death. With the SPIRIT everything is brought into balance and real wealth is shown to be in a state where everything you need comes in the moment needed and there is perfect peace because you know how the SPIRIT has  revealed this to you. Those hearing of this but not having relationship with SPIRIT but rather a relationship with an idol or story or golden calf or bull as my synch has been lately. We had been watching Russell Brand as Arthur and the scene with the Bull's Balls.


Everyone that loves an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT even if it is scripture is in danger right now!

Easter Synchs 

Desolation and Pole Shift and reaching you to the heart

We already live in a mostly robotic reality. Is there a plan to no longer serve the work force? Conspiracy against the tree. You thought that all would share in the wealth, but the 1% really despises the poor.
Robotics and the work force is no longer needed like they were so there is a reason things are reverting back.

The prediction of the Coming Crime of following a leader because you too will be found complicit

Trump Told Border Patrol Agents to Break the Law - Esquire

Trump Compels his base and public servants to break the law

The end of the Presumptuous woman will reveal she used her power in a manner it was never intended, judging what comes to her when it was really her own hidden intentions that summoned a perfect experience that would reach her to the heart.  How to get over a broken heart

What you get is perfect and you attracted it, only true love will lift the unreal veil from her eyes. I cannot reach you therefore your heart will be broken.

To know the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus is what tears the veil revealing those hiding behind a veil of interpretation when they really never knew me. The SPIRIT is that smallest of points overlooked that changes everything and renders all the interpretations of men meaningless!


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