Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Leaders, Manna, Metastatin cancer

All leaders have led astray, not just Trump, but what is coming is meant to reach you to the heart about following leaders and about the need for personal truth from SPIRIT. A bear does not get the same from SPIRIT that an electric eel does and humans are each new creatures. The division is inherent in leadership and always over time leads astray and a correction the other direction is necessary because both sides are wrong and deserving death because they already are dead in their separation from SPIRIT. So the separated being that is judging another is just as culpable. Often one side forgets the original intent where both sides were humiliated and thrown out of the garden in shame. If you want shame and blame for another then you are asking for an eternity of shame. I don't want this for anyone, but that we reach you to the heart before your judgement day.

Only the SPIRIT can join those who have been separated for so long. Not as the law appears but according to the mercy that is SPIRIT. Rejection and blaspheming of SPIRIT is the real sin. Making your own interpretation of a law that benefits you such as making what was meant to teach through tenderness a sin is why you are to blame.

Manna and Wonder

Pam and I have been having a fire in the evenings and the coyote have been speaking in amazing ways. causing Wonder, Manna, "what is it" to chew on.

Cancer synch right on time with the synch from last year. This is to reach you to the heart.
Started with the hairdresser and then while searching for a family member about spitting up blood and loosing nails Thyroid Cancer synch occurred while I was typing the words it came on tv at the same moment.

Bitter herbs and the Israelites.

synchs of late
Reward Earnings synch, Gonna Get Better, Next Chapter, Tip Over,

Trump thinks it was his own power that has made him seem to do well for his agenda but it was the SPIRIT allowing it such as a deluding influence so that "they" would follow a lie. But the tables will turn and only the SPIRIT will be able to do what is needed and everyone will look within their hearts to see the true intention.

Past synchs for this date

The Presumptuous have taken the bait and followed the deluding influence and followed a lie.
Some "knowledge" that they tell you is "smart" will not lead to the expected outcome and the need for the right information at the right moment is needed. You have heard that knowledge is power but knowledge not guided by SPIRIT overlooks the smallest of points and will lead to death. Attention to SPIRIT is not learning a method, it is ever changing like the wind revealing the human knowledge as foolishness.

If you have rejected the SPIRIT though the father, your children are as good as dead.


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