Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Meetings and SPIRIT,

One of my most loved experiences which did not just happen once but many times is where I feel a desire to reach someone to the heart and I am made to come across someone and the situation is always different but it is YOU/MY LIFE that is working through me in that moment. When I saw what the SPIRIT could do to draw to us a situation that is "PERFECT" it brought clarity to knowing that it was the SPIRIT speaking through such as Jesus. And everyone that knows him according to the flesh does not seem to agree with this. But alas, when you experience it you "KNOW IT IS RIGHT!" To dream, to draw to yourself such as grew through knowing YOU/MY LIFE.

When Pam and I are in the moment and such a meeting happens it is great to hear them say they knew we would show up and what the moment was about or what the SPIRIT said through us how it effected them. But it is not something that can be planned but the feeling of it can be dreamed about.

Like the time that I was at Seville Quarter and I had so much I wanted to share with someone. I took off walking in the evening air and came upon a park where a girl was sitting facing a magnolia tree and immediately I felt her emptiness. She had given up on what people had said was God and had decided to confide in this tree, so I took out my card with the name StephenTree with the Poem Dnatree on the back and said. "You have given up on the interpretation of God and are praying to this tree reaching for what is real." I told her the poem The Veil of Interpretation and her countenance completely changed and she said. "That is exactly what I was feeling" I feel like how the SPIRIT worked through me also about a white rose that a woman was holding and my synchs that day about my own mother years ago in 1998, I knew how much she missed her mother. And this experience with knowing and how I knew about this woman's husband.


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