Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Adam and the Code

In progress... This was Monday night's synchs

So I am getting more on the Adam Synch
Adam meaning earth being the electromagnetic DNA in the earth and eve meaning life is just the visible life and then the idea that every Adam is also an Eve so every Eve is also an Adam like if I represent Adam then the one who's veil is lifted is baptized by hearing but then baptized by the SPIRIT becoming another Adam. Now the poetry of the rib/dna sequence that life was made from and human was made from then woman was made from was created like a dream you came out from me. SPIRIT connection to the greater life holds the key to the twin trees/dna strand healing. If I created you then I can heal you because I retain the code. I am getting "descends"  After writing this last night the tv said (Adam has a piece of the code to make the soulmate app.) God Friended Me finale

The poetry of healing in the stories of Jesus was really telling you how being washed in the water/understanding  of the word that comes from above (Jordan=water that descends from above) is cleansing through attention to SPIRIT. And to stick with it such as seven years begins to grow a tree/form that becomes visible to the creature. For you it will be fresh and new not as the word baptism of the one that introduces you to the concept but fresh and new and completely different from any other creature. Another aspect of healing such as he that saw men walking around as trees is seeing how SPIRIT grows a tree. This was my experience, tree, water etc.  These synchs grew since 1980 and required sticking with it over a lifetime to see the picture grow in form. This is the abundant life.
Why was it we were not just told these thing was we chose in the beginning to do it on our own because of thinking and words believing we could keep the original story but that did not pan out as snakes entered in to "interpret" away the simplicity of the SPIRIT until the "interpretation" became a veil over our eyes. As the veil grew thicker the pain of childbirth grew so as such an EVENT is needed while seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart to allow the veil to be penetrated. (Experience the cross for the SPIRIT's sake) I promised you in the beginning that unless you draw me in I would not tear the veil, the illusion that YOU and I are separated.

So I want to reveal redemption for even such as Trump but he does not seem to allow it.

As the smallest of points overlooked changed everything and renders all the "interpretations" without the SPIRIT meaningless so whatever you "interpret" me to be is changed by reaching to the SPIRIT. As you learn from a person but then you follow the SPIRIT.  The problem is that the old "interpretations" that are believed so passionately are drawing as you believe and when you find out you overlooked the SPIRIT and then that you are wrong your interpretation condemns you, therefore you need the smallest of points overlooked which is the SPIRIT.
Most of the scriptures are after the event but the synchs are the story before "the event" which reveal the unseen dimension.
Ok so there is more but it would be misunderstood so I will wait for better explanation through synchs.

Best way to understand self is to understand SPIRIT from your unique experience with life. The synchs are telling you what you draw to yourselves but if you can be reached by SPIRIT then that can all change for You. The synchs grew out of interaction with such as you in forums where their rejection helped to create the outcome. Your rejection now is also creating more of the same. Once the heart is reached love is what grows the better outcome. Therefore without love you are as good as nothing. Why should a life that never began even be remembered. Life does not begin at physical birth, it begins at spiritual birth.


I do see that CBS is putting out a message very close to the synchs and the talent is great


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