Monday, February 08, 2021

Like the woman at the well I was searching for things that could not satisfy

Food, Water, affection, attraction All these things are fulfilling in life but there was always something missing. The words of a song I sang as a boy are very true but the religion that it stems from has lost the true SPIRIT. Like the woman at the well, I was searching, for things that could not satisfy But then, I heard the SPIRIT speaking, draw from my well that never will run dry. Fill my cup, fill it up, come and quench this longing of my soul Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more, fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole Old post about this song https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2014/01/love-passion-and-water-at-well.html So the religion now turns me off, but what the SPIRIT means by it is real and in my life led to the language of synchronicity between my life and I. I focused on those that spoke through such as Moses and Jesus as to the SPIRIT I wanted to connect with but was taught by even the least of them through synchronicity I did not hear the voice of the people speaking around me but I heard from YOU/MY LIFE and I learned that just like bread and water I need this each day of my life and found that it also has to do with giving me what else I need in the moment. Unveiled passion, joy and attraction that leads to passion that if you don't worry about dying and trust your life then this passion/ecstasy makes everything sanctified and fulfilling and living with such passion removes all fear. No longer am I with someone because I need another person to be fulfilled. I was just like others that seemed to need someone else to be fulfilled, but when they were with them something was still missing. I found that this ONE which I hear in my moments was what was missing. When YOU and I find this and become free in the SPIRIT then everything that we do including passion and eating becomes fulfilling and meaningful. But without finding this all the worlds treasures become meaningless and in the separation even sin. That is what this moment was intended to say. It is no longer a person I share my moments with if there is a person at all. There was a time when my unveiled passion for the SPIRIT drew into my moment every possible thing I could imagine and YOU/MY LIFE came to me in many forms and even lovers. But the husband/wife/life shall we say was never to be a person but rather the SPIRIT that was MY LIFE. I must confess, I am attracted to everyone but without the SPIRIT's leading the right one for the right moment I don't want to draw anyone. There was a time I needed to only draw the SPIRIT and shunned people. So for a time YOU came to me through objects found on the side of the road like a flower. But once I learned to ONLY SEE YOU, then the right person came to me. Some for a time and some for longer. But there now exists ONLY YOU and I/MY LIFE and I am free as a bird No longer hurt by those that pretend to love I am like a bird that left the cage and I do not return to the remnants of food that were found there


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