Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love, Passion and the Water at the Well

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I am sure that if those that hide behind a veil of interpretation and presumption about Jesus knew the real meaning of the woman at the well and per search for love they would not like the Jesus that it reveals.

You asked me in private why I do not respond when you gave me many an opening but you already know why. But there have been a few synchs that indicate you are not just luring but may have true intent. 

We have spoken of many things here openly but many cannot handle meat and require only milk. The reason for the poetry of the winged horse that carries the lovers above the general population is due to this fact. Freedom in the SPIRIT, if the SPIRIT is who leads, can bring two people together as both have dreamed to allow though they may not have even met each other in the flesh, still such free love can be perfect if the SPIRIT brings the two together. As I learned this, I also drew what I feared so that I could learn to let go of that weakness. Love is love and greater than all the shame that some would use for profit, and IF it is dreamed perfect(no excuses when hurt) then who is there whose principles reflect love by saying it is wrong. I am trusting you Wallflower as You asked me to. What I am saying is "it better to drop all dreams and watch them shatter to find true love." And let me say, that those that feel they have purified themselves by obstaining from learning from this teacher thereby believing themselves pure are but clothing themselves in filthy rags.

Let the SPIRIT speak through similar words of a song I put on a record as a child

Like the woman at the well, my heart was seeking
For things that could not satisfy
hearing the voice of SPIRIT speaking
Draw from my well, which never shall run dry

When You read this passage, rather place where the word husband is, "lover" and understand the water for which humans thirst which through their broken heart leads to the true water of life. Those who hide in shame seek also to block others from this water. 

In your dream it is not the ollive sknned man who offers you this water but the SPIRIT through this man. Let go of the shame and fix your eyes upon the SPIRIT that you might also drink.

The mind wants to believe it is quality for that reason I quoted there is none good but GOD because the mind cannot go where the heart must go.

Without loosing the hesitation of fear such as You and I meeting under the covers spontaneously and it being perfect how can the SPIRIT move through us to reveal "there is no need for a leader?" And that the SPIRIT is all the leader humans/water are looking for.

edited to add:
Love and the water of life in "Three coins in the fountain" just started watching this after posting

As for the time you posted 


I do appreciate your input.I was stranded all night at a train station in thousand oaks all by myself,

I was there in Thousand Oaks at the time You posted it. Pam and I were in Riverside, and then in Thousand Oaks visiting LYDIA. (The name Lyida (my sister) is related to the woman at the well as will be revealed)

Here is my post when I was there at the same time.

Wallflower, I sent you a video done at Corriganville Park in Simi Valley next to Thousand Oaks where we were staying.


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