Sunday, May 09, 2021

Let the wave pass over you, while keeping your attention on the synchronicities of the moment.

 It seemed as though my life was over, what I feared seemed inevitable. I was put in a place where I had to be alone and pay attention to what the synchs were telling me. All my years of learning not to react had prepared me for this time of trouble. I began to let the little storms pass over me and to keep my attention on the joy of what this moment held instead of giving attention to the fear. As though I had already lost I quit the fear and kept my attention on what great joy my moments held, though tommorrow I surely would die. I began to notice how what I feared in the little battles never was as it appeared. I began to see YOU/MY LIFE as wanting me to have joy as I kept my attention on YOU the storms passed over and I saw your benevolence. By letting these things happen I began to see what your intention toward me was and that it was what I believed that was coming to fruition, therefore YOU gave me new perceptions to believe that I held closely and sure enough what I believed that came from YOU began to happen instead of the fears that I had let die. As I began to trust in these daily fresh experiences, I began to see how the smallest of points I had overlooked would change everthing.

I let go of the interpretation of those that had never known YOU/MY LIFE and that veil of interpretation was torn as I learned to experience YOU/LIFE fresh and new and in a very personal way. No longer do I listen to interpretations of those that never actually experienced this but now there has become ONLY YOU AND I MY LIFE. And everything and every person I meet is YOU coming in a new form. So I don't listen to them, but rather listen for YOU in the words and the SPIRIT of place around me. All things became new. And it turns out that those first according to the interpretations were actually those that never knew YOU.

I came to see that religion at this moment was just like in the days of the Pharasees where they had an interpretation from a book but never reached to the SPIRIT with their whole life to know YOU for by the SPIRIT we were to live and all the shame and blame means nothing now because YOU make me perfect through my weaknesses. I could not control what the interpretation said I must control, but that turned out to be what I was to let YOU take and make perfect. My passion turned out to be YOUR power to reach me to the heart. I did not need to change, I needed YOU to make it perfect as even my attraction to what I could not control became the power to create universes. Those that feared misunderstood the purpose of passion and love and made it wrong, but you took what they misunderstood and made it perfect to see how all things even universes were slung into being by this very passion that when guided by the SPIRIT is made perfect. To them it is wrong according to their beliefs be it unto them that use shame and blame.

The right people are wrong because they bypassed the SPIRIT and they through lies and manipulation seek profit over life, therefore even what they believed they possessed will be taken from them, even their very soul. For to die and have your memory taken of this life because you failed to learn the basics of attraction is as though you never existed. But through synchronicity specifically with whom I have believed I find that this treasure is all there for safe keeping within the vessel of my being.

The story of JOB in scripture is not as they tell you but the smallest of points overlooked is that the trials that he endured when met without fear pass over and new life is as the springtime after the winter even if I die there is this promise in knowing YOU/MY LIFE. So I lose the fear and let these things pass over holding what is on my heart that the story of my own experience might be written on my being and proceed with me into all eternity. Which like each night when I lay down to sleep I find I am with you fresh and new each morning, and each Spring, and each life. Through synchronicity with YOU/MY LIFE I do not follow a person, or an interpretation of YOU, but rather have come to know YOU through a growing tree of experience such as the passion of Moses and HIS BURNING BUSH of experience with YOU in that SPIRIT of PLACE.


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