Friday, May 21, 2021

Forbearance, How a mother cat deals with an unruly kitten

This post started with the synch about Children at the bottom but led to the Forbearance post on 23rd and 24th 

23 May 2021


The word forbearance came up when I was dealing with Lola.  We are unable to get her fixed just now and so we have to keep an eye on her but she off course has other plans. I began to think about how a mother cat deals with an unruly kitten and that was when the synch with forbearance began.

24 May 2021

The Cat got out

I was heading out the door to go get a few groceries when the dog wanted to go with me which made me keep the door open a split second too long. That was all it took and Lola was out the door. And once she was free she does not want to come back until she has to. I mean there are so many moths to chase.

I thought I would deal with Lola when I got back. As I took off toward the grocery store I browsed the radio looking for what felt right. I usually do not do religious programming because I do not like interpretations but if MY LIFE takes me there I go there. 

I took off to the store and ran across this program where a preacher was talking about forbearance and forgiving the misunderstandings of others. The reality though is that everyone is wrong and following morals or an interpretation of God or even science everything overlooks the SPIRIT which can offer the smallest of points overlooked that will be needed. I mean everyone thinks they can prepare for what is coming but without the SPIRIT everyone will fall short.

As I left the store I approached the first turn on the way home and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a tall lanky girl walking the road but there was nobody there. I then had the feeling I was about to run into this person and it had something to do with THIS MOMENT, or that it had to do with something I was dealing with. I then turned onto the road that led up to where my road was about half a mile down I saw the tall lanky girl and she had cat treats in her hand so I stopped and told her everything I have written here so far. She not only was looking for her tabby cat which never had gotten out of the house before but also seemed to be the perfect person to talk to about this. I got home and told my partner what had transpired.

As I am writing this I am walking around outside in the dark taking notes with my phone and the cat came by teasing me but would not let me get close enough to pick her up. As I went towards the door Lola came close as though waiting and I thought maybe she will let me let her in so I opened the door and sure enough she went in.  Cats don't learn like humans, they don't follow an interpretation they learn it from their DNA through their experience the story of your experience when you become conscious and believe what your life is trying to tell you, this will lead you into all truth.

21 May 2021

Children dying

I want to downplay this synch as I wait for it to unfold but the synch with children dying began to occur last week when several people began to post such things


Several other synchs with loss of children last week


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