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Everything is as My Life indicated it would be in 1993

 Originally posted around 2003


Everything is as the spirit had indicated it would be in 1994 when I was alone and passionately intending to reach “YOU”. For the spirit said I would reach you and indicated many things that I was prompted to write on the internet and in the book.

It used the poetry of the fires just days before the southern California fires to indicate what would be coming between you and I on this planet. It used the whirlwind which then struck where my family lives both in West Palm Beach up to Melbourne and then in Pensacola and up through Alabama. And then during Hurricane Jeanne I found the song Hurricane by Delle in a shop called Synchronicity in Mariposa at the same moment the hurricane was occurring. At that same time I posted about the section in my book about the Huge Reordering Wave that would come and change my life. ( the one life) And then the waves in Indonesia occurred. But many of the right people that never knew the spirit have this veil of scribbling by scribes they use as an idol to veil them and allow them not to see the True Intent of my Heart.







The Sign of the Dove


On New Years Eve I was walking in a parking lot and a dove landed in front of me on a car. The bird just looked at me so I extended my finger and the dove perched on my finger so I took him home. It could not fly well and seemed to have been someone’s pet so I bought dove food for it and now “Peacenik” is her name. She lands on my head and laughs. The neat thing about this bird is that I just had intentions to develop relationship with a friends bird in Mariposa. (Cindy) I wanted to have synchronicity with a bird, with mutual understanding. A few other synchs about the dove are illustrated in the articles below. I then found this book at ebay that matched my experience in spirit. Dove in the Stone


The Dove in the Stone: Finding the Sacred in the Commonplace
Alice O. Howell (1988) 199pages

A gentle travelogue and open-heart ruminations along a pilgrimage through the Celtic isle of Ilona, in the Scottish Hebrides.
Then I tried to explain that the mystics have been saying that the sacred is very well hidden in the commonplace, and that the way to unlock the wisdom in this world is to learn to think and live symbolically... So Sophia holds the key, and we have to find it. Thus the rules of the game involve following certain clues. These are hidden in: (a) nature (b) the religions of the world (esoterically understood) (c) sacred geometry (d) myths and fairy tales (e) archetypal processes in and outside the psyche (f) astrology and alchemy (g) the human body (h) dreams (i) words (etymology). If you showed it as a petaled flower, it would look like this. And each petal could lead you to the center. - excerpt from Chapter Eight: Flowers (Quest Books)




Sign of the Dove and Christianity



Dove in the Stone (book at Ebay)








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