Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Fishermen's Net

 The fishermen's Net

The whole world is caught in a net, yet so few realize it, YET!

America finds itself caught in a pickle given the gift I was placed in a place where I knew in my own power I would lose I was given the ability to pay attention to the synchs with all of my heart (In my loneliness, in my bewilderness, through this broken heart,,YOU came.)

I felt powerless
I felt "lied about"
I was put in a place, in my skull,,,that part of us that needs to die
It had to become completely in synch with my moments

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Whether it be Trump making Americans feel powerless headed to the edge of desolation or even those on the right who really believed Trump, feel now they are powerless. Also in each of the three scenarios  there was a base of people that would believe the lie,  the towns people in the story of my family, and finally the Trumpbase, and then those on the left feel and those on the right feel victimized as well now. The thing about this is to reach to the SPIRIT now as we all break each others hearts


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