Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Shadow of the Statues of the Moai

 My father was an inventor

The way I remember him is sitting on the deck of our 62ft Ketch sailing vessel, smoking a pipe and off in wonder. He was looking for something fresh, about glass, or pressure, or electronics.

Looking for freshness, I played with the cat and learned something that helped me to play with the dog. Byrd really liked what the cat taught me.

statues of the moai

The history of the Moai and Easter Island can be seen as the history of humans and even of the earth. Without the guidance from our dna we are to inevitably destroy ourselves. But we chose to live alone as we thought we could get there much faster taking a shortcut. The Moai understood that their forefathers who passed on were not gone, but they were there with them. They illustraited this by making statues and burying them halfway in the ground. This allowed them to see them each day and reminded them that they never actually left. I think the statues were placed all around Easter Island because that is where the person it represented lived on the island. I asked my life about these forms and people they represented and it was not as much the statue as the shadow the statue cast that represented who we are when we are living. We are shadows of the one light as all these statues cast shadows from the one sun. And even my cat and dog and all animals are shadows of this one. The Cat went to the window and curled her tail around her as she drifted off in wonder. Message from the past for all of us. The Cross of Christ was the same as the humiliation, stuck, and spear in the side/broken heart that is finding you have gone astray and the skull was the anguish of this moment that leads to the SPIRIT. For when you realise you have to wait for a word from the SPIRIT and not try to fix it yourself, this is the beginning of finding then growing in the SPIRIT.

Synchs from the Impassable way/Stuck/



When I was young I would try to take a shortcut home after getting lost in the wilderness and invariably I would find myself stuck in a thicket (in the impassable way) It was from this experience that I learned the way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to destruction.


So it is that there is coming a time when all the wisdom of man will be revealed to have overlooked something and they will be caught in a net/thicket/impassable way and all would have been lost except that we learn from the experience of those who went before us.

The record of their experience is in our dna, and their lives are a testimony as what we need, the gold/creme of their experience is what is saved and when you get in such a similar situation and reach to the SPIRIT what is accessed through our dna rises to the top like creme and comes into our experience. The more you work with synchronicity and the water of understanding flows the more the form of who you as a new creature are is formed and comes into view. 

Like a tree I gradually took on this form

Like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move

Dabbing where SPIRIT moved

Until the painting took form

I had no idea!

The Presumption of religion misunderstands that the ONE is just like us. Each creature represents aspects of the Father best played out by the shadow. We are not to change who we are as much as be perfected through the SPIRIT who knows our weaknesses and does not need us to change as much as cooperate in love to reveal the mystery in us.


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