Thursday, May 19, 2022

Replacement Theory, Unity through the SPIRIT, families divided

Today I went out to weed a raised bed. I thought about replacement theory where I replace the weeds that strangle everything that tries to take root and replace them with grasses and clover. In the same manner those who talk about replacement theory are being replaced, but not because they are white as they believe, but rather because they are liars and thieves and they would hate the SPIRIT as is being revealed.


Those that lift up the bible and do not lift up the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus they did not seek the SPIRIT with all their heart and strength to lead into truth.

 They are like the man who buried the talents given him and did not go on to grow the investment given them. (The words of the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus is where they were to begin) All who did not seek the SPIRIT but rather chose an interpretation of scirpture are like those that climbed over the wall rather than going through the door which was the SPIRIT speaking though Jesus. It was the SPIRIT speaking saying "I am the way" These are liars and thieves as what was demanded by such was given them like a King and a Law which they use in a manner it was not intended. So those without true intent would use the law in a manner it was not intended against the least of them (against the sone of man) while they themselves would also require the law to protect them from those they misused the law against. But what was supposed to grow through real experience with the SPIRIT was the true intetions of Jesus. These hiding behind a veil of interpretation about the bible or ideology love lies and draw to themselves a base of those that seek such lies, but it is these that are having a net drawn around them at this moment as the predictions reveal. 

Likewise, all the scriptures about those waiting for Jesus's return did not hear it said by the SPIRIT through him that it was he, the SPIRIT that was going to return. They in their presumption have built an interpretation which they worship as God but it is them according to their interpretation for what would happen to others that will have as they believe happen to them.

 First we must have unity and then mercy. Not as humans see unity, but unity in anthe SPIRIT. #Synergy in our differences, unity through the SPIRIT'S  #love, frail human love cannot bridge the chasm. #Dogma Separates/Love integrates #imigration #gop ideologies are a veil over eyes

Indentured servant synch last two nights where the husband and wife are separated


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