Saturday, July 30, 2022

Last Few Days

 I will start with a number Pam and I noticed yesterday, 357 and then this morning we both woke up simaltainiously exactly at 357. I thought about the 357 magnum and went back to sleep. We will see if this synch grows.


Notes from the other night

Ongoing synch with the presumption on the right that is leading to death. Continuing to ignore the SPIRIT will lead to deaths. All the other synchs have come true and those with a veil over their eyes they did not get from the SPIRIT especially in the #gop were guided into a bubble net and deaths are coming. The least of them on the street that are unveiled do not need a physician as they are closer to the truth than those hiding behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from the SPIRIT like the GOP!



Las Vegas

So yesterday we  watched this video

Las Vegas, NM declares emergency, with less than 50 days of clean water supply left


then this morning I woke up to this

Major rainfall leads to flash flooding in Las Vegas l ABC News



Biker Itchy boots accident (Please slow down Itchy, on those rocky roads)

Pam and I have followed van lifers and other people on youtube for many years and one called Itchy boots from the Netherlands we have followed as she rode a motorcycle all over the world. But I never worried about her until her trip in Mexico as it started when I noticed a tropical storm moving into souther Mexico as she began her trip through Mexico up to Alaska, riding a bike she named Alaska. In the northern parts of Mexico she began to ride on roads with lots of rocks which is not that different than other places she had ridden, but I began to feel she needed to slow down and told Pam that I felt she was going to have a problem. Then the videos of doctors talking about two things they get all the time of motorcyclists and heroin users I began to get the connection. Then after crossing the border it happened, but I am so glad it was not as bad as it could have been. She is very experienced and I feel on the dry rocks that she should just slow down more especially when there is a huge dropoff.



I intend to be forgotten by those that find the SPIRIT and grow a tree of synchs as it is not a messenger but the SPIRIT that is everything.

See all the predictions from 2001 on related to Trump that have come true and about the Pandemic and much much more

See #dnatreepredictions

Coming Up! YOU and I collide on the planet and August


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