Saturday, August 20, 2022

Blessed is SHE, my life that bruised me that I might see

 I am delighted to tell you that I almost cut off a finger on each hand in two separate instances over the last month preparing me to meet you at this juncture where hearts will be breaking in order to be reached to the heart. You will feel you have lost and that you have been forsaken, but I tell you with much joy that that is not the case.

For those that go on after having their heel bruised, I tell you this is the very door to SPIRIT these heart breaks in life.

Through my broken heart, YOU came my life. For the pain led to wonder in my moments alone and years of following the landscape and path carved by the blood of billions that went before us is that ONE that we seek. For the water (understanding) that you seek that is from SPIRIT is the water that washes away the sand revealing the True Form of the Fathers. It is found in my loneliness, in my bewilderness walking alone in a landscape carved out by the water flow of thoughts of those who went before us and this treasure is in our bodies.

I have many tapes over the years and I want you to look at the poetry of the cross and the piercing, and the bruised heel as poetry for such experiences and losses common to life, and ask the simple question after such a heartbreak as a losing someone you loved, being hurt by life seemingly intentionally. I am laughing for I have fingers bandaged as I type and when I asked the question, once again of YOU, MY LIFE the answer came about getting my heart focus to the place where I can speak what needs to be said that you might meet us, all who went before you in your dna in the channels carved out by the rushing of the water of the word of SPIRIT.

Those with true intention of heart having their heart pierced so that they might feel the subtle aspects of staying in wonder like the children of Isreal eating manna prepared for them each day by the SPIRIT.

Here are tapes of my wondering from the 1980''s and 1990's where I speak of the experiences related to dna and wonder.

Thjis is how Moses spoke of the burning bush, why his wanderings after having his heart struck and being thrown out in the wilderness


There were thousands of such experiences with synchronicity and in the same way your name/experience with synchronicity is written in the dna


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