Sunday, August 07, 2022

When the Stars fall from heaven

 When the Stars fall from heaven

This was the point that I was in great agony over the interpretation of scripture for the presumption was that this meant the world was being destroyed and that all would perish, but knowing YOU, MY LIFE the smallest of points that is overlooked changes this and I was in deep pain over this that it NOT BE SO. And so I saw that this was the moment they all presume their interpretation and cons such as we have leading the right astray would try to fulfill this in the horrible way we see Trump and Putin using the nuclear scare to take over the hearts and minds of the world but instead it is to be these who are the stars who fail and fall to earth making the meaning through the smallest of points overlooked not be what the presumptions of men interpretted it to be. But let it be for those that are to not sleep but be raised to an uncorruptable vision, not by the letter but by the SPIRIT

Revelation 6:13

So their Stars fall from Heaven (Stars like Trump, Alex Jones, MTG, Putin) and all that demand a presumption find they are wrong and believing that the SPIRIT was able why did they not emplore of the SPIRIT as to what this means and ask that this be transmuted therefore the SPIRIT has come as a thief to steal away your presumption and make those BELIEVING themselves first because of interpretation to be last

The end is the end of presumption, it is the end of a corruptable interpretation because there is only SPIRIT



The SPIRIT through the Son was sent to save the world, therefore the smallest of points overlooked is that though many may perish all shall not sleep, but be raised incorruptable as the word of God is  what is  quickened by the SPIRIT in you and not these interpretations that THEY WORSHIP AS GOD.


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