Friday, October 07, 2022

What Is It, House on Fire

What Is It?

Often, when I wake, I intend to be greeted by something new. I have a quik ritual I put together to take care of the cat and dog and coffee then I go out with my coffee intending to see something maybe as I fill the bird feeders. The sun is rising as I go out the Dawn detergent is there like a synch. This tree has become home to many critters. I notice something that does not feel in place, an electrical cord. I pick it up and put it where it FEELS right. If I used thoughts and did not feel, I would get tired. But inside the feeling  many intentions rise. The joy and stillness of being with YOU, my life, times when synchronicity arises. The cat usually greets me but is waiting for some movement under the screen porch. So often, I found myself in some fresh place, maybe Mojave , I love an empty place. The vacuum of the heart often speaks best for my in an empty place, or a garden. In a garden it is so clear what fits and what is out of place.

I want to talk to you more about the manna. In the 1980s I had evolved to wonder like this, I was in so many sanctuaries. Like Rechberg Germany or the Mojave Dessert, or Bell Rock, Sedona (pic with a voice recorder, writing the story, 2001)

In Rechberg Germany I walked the lonely streets of this tiny rural town I lived for a period, I wondered about the castle on the hill. 


When I was young I was raised in a Christian Home and even went to a Christian School. I was dishearted with the church, everyone I was taken to I felt the message was real but the people were fake. Like the word Manna. It means "What Is It" and it was said that the children of Isreal, while they were out in the wilderness were given Manna each morning from the SPIRIT to eat. I found that so called christians were not interested in the connection between their mornings and the meaning of Manna as finding something that was different about each morning and taking it as a synchronicity from God and intending it to grow. I found it was because of the institution of  Christianity that they could not have people going off in different directions of thought and had to keep them in line or they could not be CONTROLLED. But a few were not such institutionalists and they could grow a seed for a period, but there did not seem to be many at all that were soil that could produce to fruit.

That is the problem now with Christianity, in 350ad so called order came from those that had no idea what the true intentions of the heart of Jesus was and it was dead, but what you see around you is the carcass of interpretation. A seed!  I tell you, you shall not all sleep, but be raised. In an instant. And you will thirst for that moment again and again.

I got a message from the past the other day and remembered in 1993 that at the point in time when  things happen would indicate what point we are on this wild ride! The message was that someone has had a change of heart. This person I cared for, was a tool used by God to break my heart. Someone that has followed the synchs since the beginning. This means their heart has been reached and if it is true they are forgiven though they had tormented me for 30years. Blessed is she who was used to nail me to this tree!

This meant that those close to me would be first and Wow! So things are happening and you don't remember, but you agreed to this. In the garden, when there was Just You and I.

 Adversity has the effect of  raising things "talents" from your dna which in Normal circumstances would have laid dormant.     

Adversity draws to you out of your DNA you have to guide your thoughts to what you know the spirit Direction it goes get there

House on Fire Synchs Something uncontrollable that has momentum. I give it a Year

The bitch is back,, bad to the bone Burning down the house, (house of isreal, house of america) 

Here are more Manna Synchs


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