Thursday, January 19, 2023

They have chosen to believe the man Jesus but actually reject the SPIRIT that spoke through him

 The problem with bypassing the SPIRIT for your truth is that it was before known what you would do by lifting up the man instead of the SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus what have you really done?

It was written that we should not accept the interpretations of any man but to seek the SPIRIT to lead us into all truth. It was known that they would not do this but cling to interpretations of men. I mean it is all fruit but if the SPIRIT does not guide us to it and we overlook the very smallest detail then it misses the mark.

And as they now demand you worship this man as they have interpreted about Jesus when that was never the plan, but rather the words and acts of Jesus was to reveal the truth of the SPIRIT and to lead to the SPIRIT but they know because the book influenced their interpretation without the SPIRIT that they would get caught in this net.

What I am saying is that the beast requires all great and small to worship the man Jesus and then they also required you to believe Trumps lies because he was seen as sent from God and we must stand behind him or miss the boat! That is the passion of presumption that is at work in the Republican Party.

So remember when you find your presumption is wrong and you overlooked the SPIRIT and these beliefs that you hold will turn on you and now when you find you have overlooked something now it is you that your interpretations about those that you believed wrong now apply to you and that according to the accepted interpretation means it is now said to you "I never knew you" because you never grew in the SPIRIT just in the presumptions of religion.

BUT... since your presumptions were wrong and God is merciful and it is not as you presumed I want you to now look at it in a way that the SPIRIT showed me in that the smallest of points overlooked in coming to know the SPIRIT means that it is not as you presumed and that this moment was intended that you find you were wrong and in the poetry of the cross those with true intent let that veil of presumption tear through the coming broken heart and begin to grow in synchronicity with the SPIRIT like the man that worked seven years only to lift the veil and find it was her sister and then worked another seven yearts until he married the woman he loved.

Through my broken heart YOU came MY LIFE

Being willing to endure this time of finding you followed a lie and through your broken heart that veil of presumption about scripture is torn and now you begin to learn to speak and hear the SPIRIT until you grow strong enough to endure such an experience that Jesus endured to see this whole thing differently. Such an experience that would place in you the faith in the word of the SPIRIT being in your mouth and in your heart and learning to trust that though the whole world may seem to believe a lie.

Keep knocking even if it takes 12years like a child learning language

I could not reach you, therefore your hearts must be broken

Through attention to the SPIRIT that spoke through such as you LOVE, such as you gave your attention to you draw it to you through synchronicity with your DNA. After coming to know YOU the two grow to become as one like a marriage as it was written Abraham knew his wife/life and she conceived. Circumcision of the child born in you is of the heart, reaching you to the heart so that it will not be said, "I never KNEW you". Your body is the same dna that spoke and lived through those who went before us. This is MY BODY that is given to you.

Preliminary Synchs of late I took note of

Were getting there...counting down

Got a mountains move synch


Don't follow a man, a man is his story which should point to the SPIRIT, but the SPIRIT may use words from his story to grow your seed of truth. You are a different creature and how reality will work for you will be according to the SPIRIT towards you but will work in synchronicity with all other beings

Big Splash coming

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