Thursday, December 14, 2023

What the snakes teach is hurting

 Morning 🌄

What we were taught is what is hurting us. Especially from snakes in politics and religion.Taking time to FEEL what we put out and then in "synchronicity with the SPIRIT" see what we get back. Like Adam and Eve when she listened to the snake and believed him took it home to her man and said "Let's try this" and they both believed it until shame came, (because they did not get their truth from the SPIRIT But from a snake it was wrong) well shame is actually a fear that is saying
"I deserve punishment" which lead to them hiding behind a veil, which Adam and Eve also did not get from the SPIRIT.
OK, but if what I got from the SPIRIT does not reach you to the heart it is you who must be reached in order for the blood and water to flow exactly as "he who received it from the SPIRIT experienced it" or you are drawing from your belief in shame. Ok, so that is why the least of them with true intention of heart having reached to the SPIRIT for their truth would become the greatest having found what he sought and that is why when he believed God/SPIRIT as he was led to instead of interpretations and THE SPIRIT wrote these things on his heart
IT WAS WHAT WAS COUNTED TO HIM AS RIGHTIOUSNESS. So stop hiding behind religion as with man/interpretations it is impossible to fix yourself 


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Timothy R Olds said...

We spoke in a park called Dogwood. One was like a a brick wall, nothing to permeate. TESTERS, unto those who learned the truth and want to wain the mind out of existence. https://www.facebook.com/TimothyROlds1984 When there are 1403 Different Religions Whom Am I suppose to emulate, whilst in a TRIANGLE OF Trafficking, known to the awakened as Kentucky, but to some COOKEVILLE TN.?
DIRECTOIN AND LEARNING, THROUGH Direction And Learning. Or, all faith could be destroyed.... or restored back to The Four Seasons The Sun & The Moon. No sacrifices.
I stay at the Cookeville Mission, for now....Usually at the Library til pickup for work around 2:00ish, daily. Not the Writer of Life....THOTH|Ra
@bokahyonaw1984 on TIKTOK


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