Sunday, April 28, 2024

New Spring Sanctuary, Start over

Today was so lovely it felt like I was staying in a exotic Airbnb at our cabin as the spring is so lush that it feels like everything is brand new. The birds are so abundant and varied and their songs are so inviting, an ocassional rooster crows and then the goats begin their bleating. It is so new it transports me to such a time as she and I found ourselves in a new sanctuary and the synchs begin in wonder layering the pearl. We do not wish that any should perish therefore your heart must break as all hearts eventually do and you must let the SPIRIT reach you to the heart. That was the purpose of the intention to love Jesus because if you reached to the SPIRIT to learn the true intentions of his heart and share in such as he experienced resulting in that veil of presumption being torn and you grow to walk each day in the SPIRIT. You have to empty the cup of beliefs like being born again not knowing anything except what you begin to learn from the SPIRIT even unto sharing in an experience related to those who went before us so as to be reached and to begin to grow. A full cup will not hold this water. You were supposed to wait on the SPIRIT before veiling yourself with interpretations of men. You filled the cup, how now will it be filled from the SPIRIT as you do not get what you already believe you know. You must first empty that cup to get anything from the SPIRIT. There was no book when they spoke of the word of the SPIRIT which comes in this moment so unless the SPIRIT leads to such a word written I would wait on a synch that it be written on the heart in the right moment.


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