Sunday, May 22, 2011

The passionate Wild Ride!!!! The taste of things to come.

PM I love this

I'm over all That and Shirley Mclaine was on Coast to Coast tonight... whole lotta synchs.

Dreamin of Dad I even went to a website about his Obituary and I said "I miss You dad" and the movie Monsters that Pam and Bret were watching said not more than a quarter of a second later, "I miss You too" as the guy was emotional on the phone and the monsters lurked around him. LOL

Then YOU/my life said through me "It was YOU loving me all along." Which took me to those passionate experiences that I shared alone in the candle light for Years with YOU.. and You.

I spoke to You then and I saw YOU in You and even those that I loved so much that I found it hard to leave even when I had decided to, and so a synergistic experience happened for many reasons.

It was so powerful, that all got drunk on that wine I saw how the Spirit blessed all that were STILL HERE after this experience and how such a JOLT could reach You even to the HEART and leave You nailed to This Tree!!!! That when the Spirit arrives You might see what love truly is. I thought about those that had been ravaged and ravaged themselves during the pain and anger of that strong wine during the Emotional Ride. I told You what I knew You would misunderstand and go for a ride, but it was the Spirit that did it. Well many of You were really passionate both hot and cold. That was great and that should pretty well prepare You for the great ride between YOU and I on this planet.

I am going to speak from my closet from now on, I may even get taken off this planet by someone so passionate that they tear the veil of this flesh but I am always here as YOU are always here..

Let go of the shame and blame and You and I have already started new. Thanks again Sweetheart... It was perfect!

To all that my life has touched yes even You. A little more time with the Spirit I bet I would be even better to reach You. Now I see all of those on the forum getting what they want, yes especially You. And the more they see the love in all of it the faster.


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