These two subjects do not at first seem related but our experience of late makes them connected.

First as I have stated in other posts we have been traveling and listening to Coast to Coast AM and one program today was about the HORN sounds that everyone has been hearing around the earth. So then we got a netgear NeoTV player to play our youtube videos on our tv and as I connected it up and searched youtube dnatree this one post would not stop coming up that answers also to dnatree. And it is related to the passion and feelings under the altar that so many even in this forum just choose to disregard.

I don't think the SPIRIT will be disregarded much longer.

The other synch related to this is how a seemingly bad thing that happened turned out to reveal the true feelings of family. You see, I had sent my daughter some money and communicated with her mother (the mother that came back from the coma on Thanksgiving) and after telling her of the synchs leading up to her waking I got a very nasty message from my daughter that seemed as though she and her mother must be hiding their feelings. I thought about the mean message a couple days and it was placed within me to say this. The message I received revealed if it was true that there is no true intent of heart in either of them and so "DO NOT REPLY, JUST DIE". Now I know that sounds harsh, but I don't even want to post here the message that I got. But it turned out that that message I got was not even for me and the person it was for did not get it and it was the way my daughter talked to her boyfriend when they were mad at each other. The response to my above post did reveal my daughter was very serious about our relationship.

I say this because there is coming a moment when those that have lifted up themselves above what they do not understand about the SPIRIT and do not care WILL be prominent in the way the SPIRIT speaks to others soon through their experience. Like with my daughter, I was very hurt by many that were so manipulative on the forums and this has led me to not interact the same with such beings. Anyway, things are speeding up and many things are fixin to happen related to the video above. The anger and blood of billions under the altar that experienced similar is growing and the arrogance by those that do not get their truth from SPIRIT will be coming to an end. Thanks

Now for those that believe in the SPIRIT and not getting your interpretation from a book but rather from the SPIRIT I add this last part. For as the Storms became the passion in the heart to reach You, and the fires became as the passion that is also coming and that those responding to the SPIRIT see no fear in all this but rather redemption from those that persecute with their self rightness and those that seek to destroy the intentions of believers in the SPIRIT, so it is that as the door to the ark closed and all were washed away those that are to MY OWN a sorrow are also to be washed away as in the song Rain.

I have had a lot of thought about how those that seek money over the SPIRIT will find that unprofitable and even humiliating soon. Nature will make money put before SPIRIT as a very UNDESIRABLE intent and the whole world will see their shame along with those that use shame, these also will not be able to bare the shame they will receive. Just a prophecy folks, so you can disregard it if you like as all did the presumption that led to the storm Aug 26th. 2011.

Since 2001 the SPIRIT through dnatree has been more accurate and telling on all the storms, fires, and financial prophecies yet has the least amount of those wanting to understand. What a surprise is coming for humans. Yes, I am angry.