Woke up dreaming that lady Liberty was a very sexy American Woman that finally understood and turned and walked up in the clouds and added her light to the many that were lifting their light to illuminate the SPIRIT above rather than illuminating base things and problems and gossip. She began to only lift up her light to the SPIRIT. Once this happens it really effects the rest of the world that had looked to American Women as a light.

Up until meeting Pam and having the SPIRIT/FATHER pic her for my life I always had problems with women. I think humans are like my relationship with Pam where she eagerly learned from OUR experiences with SPIRIT (about 7 yrs) and then for a time she went on her own but then in the end returned to the oneness of the SPIRIT with me and our lives greatly improved through an intent of mutual intent.There was a period where she went away in her heart and I probably seemed lost and hurt and the things I did she could not understand. If I had let go along the way this end state would not have existed. I would have left but love both for the SPIRIT and for her kept me their though I often was misunderstood.

The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I
We should never have been sold Shame or Blame
Remember the Pain in the Secret Garden
You Chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears and
like a veil You have hidden Yourself from Me
I am waiting, waiting at the door between our two houses
until the MOMENT, You take me back
Why do You hide Yourself from Me
Remember the Covenant We share
Remember...We created the sunrise to remind us HOW TO START NEW! Dnatree

Most people both male and female go through this experience with the opposite sex and those that have been hurt in their experience with men like to point it out in men and those that have been hurt by women (blessed is she who nailed me to this tree) tend to point it out in women and shy away from women. But this is natural and I feel tends to change a man away from the hoards of women to focus in on the growing relationship with one woman. At first there is many that might be the one that You feel You are to share with, but as we grow older we begin to cherish the experiences with one rather than cherishing the person. I cherish the SPIRIT that is able to keep You always in mutual benefiting experience.

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