Monday, September 10, 2012

Animal synchs and Bar Harbor

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The geese here are the main event by Craignair Inn. To me they are encouraging one another and speaking out..lol Yesterday we were in Bar Harbor and overheard folks talking about a porcupine and then saw one that had been hit on the road on the way back. (wondered it they might have got a flat?)Pam and I got in a disagreement that got squashed by SPIRIT through patience. She likes to stop everywhere and we were going to run out of sunlight before we got to Acacia Park andBar Harbor. Also Owl's Head is right next to Spruce Head I would make sense the tree and the Owl are interrelated. Everyone talking about their one moose in each town.LOL But we have not seen one yet.


We ended up having synchs about the sailing clubs and sailing. We want to try to get out on one of the Schooners as Pam wants to see what it was like on a ship that size growing up. I hope to post more about the sailing synchs related to past synchs and healing.

Pam sitting by post office in Owl's Head.. We were trying to mail my grandson a post card about the lighthouse.


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