Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Cold Snap prediction

Cold snap posted exactly one month ago to the day

Cold snap synch Dec 5th and, He cannot live without You, therefore it is apparent what must happen.

The house that love built

Hope all are doing well I just dropped in to say what the people we meet and Pam and I are experiencing. Yall take care.

For those the SPIRIT draws sake let this world continue.

So it is that all are joined together through the SPIRIT even to the least of them

Some of You were here to know ME
Some of You were here to Love ME
Some of You were here to learn to Love
Some of You were here to break MY heart
Some of You were here to hold ME
Some of You were here that I might share this story


And in this way even those that have hurt ME are accepted in the SPIRIT
And it is fulfilled that the least of them had the greatest job to do

From The house that love built post
All have failed and lost their way but those that appear as though they have not are hiding. The thing about the SPIRIT is that You do not learn how to find "the way" by learning outside of having lost Your way.

You cannot find the muscle of heart and faith without first loosing Your way and then when the heart reaches SPIRIT we find the grace and love that is what finding our way is all about. Thus knowing that truth is from SPIRIT in the moment needed and not from learning what to do or how to be good. Those that hide and set traps reveal their true intent. It is because they could not be reached that those with true intent are those that are punished by those hiding.

The idea of Christianity is to reach to the SPIRIT and experience as He (Jesus) also experienced SPIRIT and then to suffer as he suffered for it. The rest never knew the SPIRIT.
I thought about the homeless last night and how those that the accuser are out to get cannot go to a warm place or they get arrested for not paying their tickets or for the manipulations of someone else so without saying that some cannot seek shelter for fear of SOCIETY's interpretation of them as many homeless have told me. Like the verse, the son of man has nowhere to lay his head. I heard the mayors saying how welcome all the homeless are to come warm up but without this aspect of society being understood this is really a lie. There is no home for those rejected or misunderstood by society because the god of this world has control over everyone's lives.


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