Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Ordinary Love

An ordinary Christian like my mother having true intention of heart melded with me perfectly through this love. We came to see the miracle of what SPIRIT has planned for us and how we were delivered together from the flood to show the SPIRIT love for us. Even my brother's intent that I shepherd the flock was made perfect though all my brother's and sisters are different. Believing, be whatever You are with true intent to love and the SPIRIT will merge the two together.

Synch right now with music on Pandora The way our Chemicals Collide

I had been away from my oldest sister for many years "Sharon". She has a bad foot and has just retired. She has very high blood pressure also but is a little slow yet amazing in her knowing. She has been put on my heart during our trip together so that I need healing for her. I await the miracles that are yet to come. Seeing all that YOU do, seeing that YOU are able.

All that are of the letter and would reject SPIRIT are being led by the letter to destruction, but the SPIRIT will use this to reveal his purpose.
My life and Passion to reach You and the synch with my daughter's name Raine of course put me in perfect timing with life on my trip to shepherd my family out of Florida and this huge storm that was predicted as we traveled with sunny skies from Orlando to Pensacola. That is why I want to recover the videos and pics as they tell of many, many miracles. The word from the SPIRIT was that there would be a storm/tornado in front and behind us but that we would be carried through in perfect peace. That word from SPIRIT was confirmed in our experience perfectly. Now I see the "S" shaped freak storm that is what the SPIRIT meant related to the baptismal Rain experience/synch we shared. To see the love and agreement and how my mother knew it was right was a treasured experience like I had with my father. This experience brings us closer to the original intent of what the SPIRIT would do for us.
More to come


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