Thursday, August 07, 2014

Blame and Coercion

Like I always say I am not one feed or the other.(The sheep are being fed for slaughter) I am neither conservative or liberal though those that hate me that are republican see me as liberal. And those liberal that hate me see me as conservative. I have noticed this in some people that my life brings me in contact with. My father was a very keen inventor but whenever life did not treat him right he had to have someone to blame. I realize it made him feel better because his life did not turn out the way he wanted it to and so there was always these hippies or politicians without a brain that cannot see the simple truth right in front of them that were the cause of all the ills. Those that blame never knew SPIRIT, though they hide behind a veil of interpretation and shame.....

A gold digger blamed four men when she died broke, angry and jealous. Of course it was their fault they fell under the weight of her responsibility she intended them to bare. Without love how far will you get? Asking a man to marry you when you don't have true intent is like professing you are a christian only to protect yourself from hell. No, he is to blame for what he created, but with true intent sorrow turns to joy. Would not Jesus allow it for a season but in the end you WILL NOT TELL HIM he is to blame for what you created. Joy makes prosperity flow, not coercion. You must be born in SPIRIT again and life is supposed to break your heart in order to reach the depth of the illness. It is true intent that changes the sorrow to joy! Forget what you have done and do not feel shame nor give shame. As long as you have breath you may start new with true intent. That is what I returned to tell. Your blame and shame is what is killing you.

The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I on this planet
We should never have been taught shame and blame
Remember the pain in your secret garden?
How you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears
And like a veil you have hidden yourself from ME (SPIRIT)
I am waiting, waiting at the door between our two houses until the moment you take me back (SPIRIT)
Why do you hide yourself from ME
Remember the covenant we share
Remember we created the sunrise to remind us to ALWAYS START NEW!


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