Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pics of progress on farm

The back third of the barn is my shop and I had to build a floor as it was almost nonexistent and then a wall with fencing cost me about 49 dollars and then I moved everything in the trailer up the hill into here.
Here is another view of the 49 dollar fence and my shop.
After emptying the trailer, I could manually push it back into the barn. The trailer cost me 100 dollars and the tires are worth that. Then the wood cost me about 47 dollars to enlarge it.
Looking from this end of the property, Pam and I will build on the 2.8 acres at the end just this side of that house at the far end.
Here is another view of the house at the end which we will build just before it. I plan on making a jig and building all the wall units in this barn then putting them together on site. Perhaps timber framing and then standard 18" wall stud units to fit. They are tearing apart apartments at Tennessee Tech and the trusses are like perfect, will see if I can buy the old ones. :D 
We traded the red car (Scarlet) for this truck to haul everything here and then Mom gave me the Mazda as the VW (Ginger) was not in shape for these hills.

Experiences here are making what I experienced alone come out into a way to convey this love by not looking at what we like or dislike about different people but by keeping our eyes fixed on the LOVE which is our life and drawing to the surface all the things that SPIRIT sees rather than what we believe we see about circumstances and people.


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