Thursday, January 26, 2017

Observation and allowing the process that will lead to Reaching You

This is not a synch but an observation that the Present Administration intentionally did every change they could do at the same time as they knew the media could not keep up with the outrage and if they were to do one of these outrageous things a day it would appear much worse. Obviously was their plan. Therefore their plan was to keep the media focused on one thing while running to turn over everything that can be turned over that even the GOP as a whole would otherwise object to.

Signs and Wonders to Astound Many (Those blinded believing they are doing great!)

Now as far as business goes they are do wonders and clearing the way to do whatever for the buck should indeed cause a period of about 7 years that will bring great prosperity until the moment of shock when the SPIRIT allows them to LOOK UPON WHOM THEY HAVE PIERCED.

Liars talking about waterboarding people to get the truth out of them. 👀👂

So anyway we do not want to fight because the SPIRIT has use of this to reach MY OWN,  And then there is the GOP Humiliation because of the Smallest of Points they have overlooked in orchestrating this political theater. And then the redemption of those waiting on the SPIRIT.


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