Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I am lost

I am Sorry!
I know you don't know what your doing either
But through the tears of coming to know MY LIFE
I found that there is ONE that knows

Yes, I don't know what I am doing
But there exists ONE that knows
And by seeing ONLY YOU/SPIRIT
Whatsoever I do WORKS

In order to say what I needed to say at this moment I needed to experience something
On ebay I felt so used and manipulated as is prominent at this time in reality and politics,
It brought back the pain of and hurt that both YOU and I experience when we think of what we suffered.
But I realize that it is perfect

For some reason I was not prepared for what was to happen
Like the theif that came at an hour I did not know I was not ready
And I was already shook up by what has been happening and all the fears
My Pam!
She is Afraid of what is happening in this country

And here I was asking
Because I don't know what to do

I have been saying that because the SPIRIT always rescued me
But I needed to say this part of the process of getting to know YOU/SPIRIT/(As through Jesus)
For as He agonised in the garden so we too suffer with him in order to let go and let the SPIRIT work through us.

This is what I wanted to share with YOU

I am Lost yet I am found

Learning how not to presume and let the SPIRIT work through me required walking to the edge.
Search dnatree plus words such as Edge, agony, manipulation etc to understand how this tree took form.


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