Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Are you ready to be jolted

Are you ready to be jolted as the veil is torn that separates YOU and I on this planet and you are reached/ allow yourself to be swept into wonder
Are you ready to find out your ideology is wrong and as you judged them it is you who will be judged

I started to write this about her (or him), she often misunderstands me but she respects the SPIRIT that has loved her first. It is because of what we have shared that I want so much for her. Because her intention toward me were love. We shared so much. She lets go of her presumption and does not lean on her own understanding. Still she often misunderstands me, but because of her true intention the SPIRIT through me is very patient. But I decided to make this from the SPIRIT's perspective to reveal the love and long-suffering that requires each person's humility in order to grow to know YOU. You cannot be like the one that holds a grudge and even though they know you have true intent and always took the fall yourself for them they did not appreciate it. Because their is not true intent but only manipulation such a one has no place in what is coming. This is very presumptuous as a belief about one who said "I am that I am" because you treat the least of them with this judgement you who have been able to live like this will be last and the ones you have hated and used will be over you. I say this so that you can see according to how all the predictions have changed what seemed impossible that even this is to come and such as you may not exist without true intent. I know you believe that what you do is better but you have overlooked how the smallest of points will reveal what you have overlooked and have you forgiven the least of them as you will want to be forgiven as the smallest of points you have overlooked reveals itself.

My life experience started like any other seeker, to know the true intention of the heart of Jesus. When I saw all the division and fighting over who was right I decided I could never be right except I reach the SPIRIT and then after learning from SPIRIT as the stories reveal I found I needed to be reached to the heart and when I allowed it and experienced what YOU had suffered,, I realized why it could never have been written down and that the "word of God" was not in the book but in my mouth and in my heart as I lived according to the SPIRIT. After the trauma of loving and experiencing what I had overlooked about love and having that failure spitefully used for profit, the trauma was such a jolt that it revealed that I had to allow my cup to be filled with wonder-ful jolts. That first jolt was like a seed that revealed how to keep the cup full so that other energies do not come in and fill that emptiness. I had to work with SPIRIT each day in order to do this so that my days layered like a cameo. You would have to get to know the SPIRIT and to let the SPIRIT fulfill this in you.


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