Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Your an Angel Angela, just like the one that bruised my heel

I was letting Pam sleep in while in Ocala and I went for a walk and decided to have coffee at the Waffle House. A big African American woman was there and called my baby and her name was Angela. I told her as I left

Your an Angel Angela, just like the one that bruised my heel
Blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree
As I walked in Ocala I dreamed of how my life came to me through that experience
For this was how my heart was circumcised
and like a tree I gradually took on this form
like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move
dabbing where SPIRIT moved until the painting took form
I had no idea.
From that moment I only saw YOU/MY LIFE
For there has always only been YOU and I
Though it is a man or woman or an angel or a candy wrapper it is SPIRIT coming in that form
Those that love the fruits of the knowledge of both good and evil
did not get their interpretation from SPIRIT for all is made good in YOUR sight
Those hiding use the law against those they hate
The snake does not listen to the SPIRIT but loves to use the law against a man and
turns a wife against her husband. Even this is how the SPIRIT reaches a man
Each experience with SPIRIT and synchronicity caused the cameo to layer
As this increased the fragrance of the heart grew stronger
Scripture was meant to be misunderstood and lead to mis-interpretation by all who do not seek truth through SPIRIT. Therefore all who try to fulfill their interpretation are being led toward their own destruction. Therefore, they have all followed a lie that they might reach desolation of the heart


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