Friday, August 17, 2018

Love and All Izz Well

A visit with a neighbor friend that I care about because she really cares about people made me realize that the way I portray what is going on makes it sound like I am on one side or the other. But it is both sides that have left the "SPIRIT" that is love and both sides are headed for humiliation. The fact that this administration uses such tactics as to bring all those down with them that are counting on them to do what "they believe" needs to be done is very similar to the "beliefs and interpretations" that were present with the pharisees in that believing we are smart enough not to be fooled. But I am saying that without SPIRIT we all go astray, and our love grows cold and becomes only words. The world is going to pull through. All Izz Well (8/16/11), sure, this will reach us all to the heart, but we can and should love each other past the rhetoric of the feed we get from one side or another by first loving SPIRIT with all our heart and all our soul. Let me say that without the SPIRIT the left would lead astray as much as the right without SPIRIT and left to greed and hate and other base elements which are being revealed by the far right. But neighbors, they are our people and the readiness of a lot of good people around here would do whatever they can to help a person even if they don't agree with them completely. We all need to take our eyes off of the feeds given us by the media on the right and the left. And turn our "attention/worship" toward the source of love not our interpretations of it.

There really has always only been you and I even if it looks like it is us and them and all that is is based on the love we have had from the beginning. We planned it from the start that we should live in each others heart.

All Izz Well


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