Friday, October 05, 2018

SC tragedy, sex, predictions, secrets of many accusers

Dogma Separates/Love integrates
Without Love You ARE NOTHING

He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light.

The apprehension of men for sexual misconduct puts such a threat on their lives that things like the South Carolina shooting of the officers happens. People think that laws help save lives but as predicted the true intention of the heart is that men are misunderstood and these men believe their lives are threatened and that they are not being treated fairly and that someone is just trying to hurt them when they never had that intention toward the one feeling they were harmed. And it is true that many women are being vengeful (which is the meaning of being spitefully used) not because of what happened but because of some other matter. These men often do not give up and and do not trust the law (because the law is contrary to the SPIRIT when it was written by presumption) and the courts and especially do not trust the intentions of the person using the courts to "get justice" because they know it is not justice. To a man, every act that feels wonderful to them and the other person is all smiles and in the moment with them is seen as a good thing, but all too often that other person begins to feel shame or some other intention and the men feel like Judas did not even give them a kiss on the cheek.  Because of this they will defend themselves and die in a manner that makes those against them say "see what a terrible person he is" but every cornered animal would do exactly the same thing when they know that "this is my body that will have to be given to you" who are really using the law and the facts in a manner it was never intended. This is the true story of the heel of your sons being bitten which leads them to grow in the SPIRIT and crush that snake eventually. But the snake and the woman that does not use the law in the manner GOD first gave the law for, but makes laws that allow the hidden crimes of the heart to win over by intentionally misunderstanding their role in the passion play. So it is that men who do not open their mouths to protect themselves like women open their mouths to complain and join together against men who do not join together against them are able to use the law in a manner GOD never intended. Appearance and beauty has become righteousness and the hidden ugly truth is kept from the courts often. But even if a person believes they are innocent, the perfect law of SPIRIT is better than a bullet and two people brought together to reach each other to the heart is the will of SPIRIT and both are who have not know SPIRIT are deserving of even death and they have chosen but if a man has sought SPIRIT and gets caught in this trap like Samson, Joseph, David, and even Jesus, it is the power of GOD to lead him to grow in SPIRIT and it is the ripping of the veil of interpretation between what was taught and what is real beyond the veil. So, what is coming is shame for all men and women and this was all predicted. Consider a man that dreams of how wonderful a woman is but when he approaches her he is bitten and horribly misunderstood and then take that misunderstanding up each level of supposed sexual battery to understand why he feels he has been wronged and must fight for his life. Don't misunderstand which is the power of the devil to create desolation. Finally, just because sex makes a woman (or a man) feel guilty does not mean that it is bad, it means you need to reach to the SPIRIT and learn what is real past what the interpretation APPEARS to say because we all know appearances are not the truth but are the power of a woman to appear righteous over a man. If you speak the truth, for the SPIRIT's sake that was speaking through Jesus, then You will be hated above all men, but in the end all will be brought low except for the truth that has been hated by the snake and the woman (not all women, and not all men) from the very beginning. A woman that does not use shame and blame but allows her heart to be reached by SPIRIT such as through synchronicity will also find the true intentions of the heart.
   The snake is a man that uses interpretation to please a woman such as the one that uses the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is the separation of everything that is good. The woman is she that misuses the interpretation while hiding her true intentions from the world. It is because of this separation, and because of women hating the SPIRIT of GOD and wanting men to worship them that they keep men from reaching the SPIRIT through shame, but it is their shame that men are punished for and that is why desolation is assured. What women are making men feel, is leading to men wanting missiles to fall on this country to remove the feeling of separation and cause broken hearted women and men to find what is beyond the veil that separates. Here is a poem by Rumi that says exactly that.
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.

The synchs indicate that what is separating men and women is separating nations and it starts because men are separated from their God by a veil of interpretation that women demand they worship that keeps them from SPIRIT. This was the original intent of the heart of the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. But all who worship the man and not the SPIRIT never really knew the wildheart that was speaking.

The coming fire so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU/SPIRIT and I, men and women, democrat and republican, Islam and Christian.


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