Friday, June 14, 2019

Grifter, info, foreign source, smallest of points overlooked

The grifter that says it is all right to get info on an opponent from a foreign agent who has done this many times before may know that info is out there about himself and is playing the reverse manipulation where he can stop that info being used by his opponent. He does not speak truth, he speaks constant manipulation, the tables would turn if those being manipulated would expose that the truth of the right is not from SPIRIT but from interpretations that will lead to desolation.

To say to the right that your truth is not from SPIRIT and understand these predictions over the years would change everything if you allow SPIRIT and quit manipulating yourselves.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

All has been predicted


So we had a treaty with Iran which Trump ended and then put Iran in a pickle, they of course begin their manipulation so that Trump blames them and a war starts that Trump will not accept responsibility for creating due to division and manipulation. Oh, yea things are going to get better with a a grifter with balls that overlooks the smallest of points that will lead the world astray.


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