Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Monster that is Coming

If a  kitten plays with a bug, it is still a monster from the bug's perspective.

So it is that what is coming may seem relentless against these bugs in our bed right now but this was the synch I had about the coming MONSTER.

The Crown Quote season 1 episode 2
"You have to be a monster to defeat Hitler"

It was through my experience with predicting lying manipulators like the one that my family experienced and yes then Trump that I came to realize that lying is their power and they would bare faced lie after they were the one doing the crime and say it was the other person.

You cannot suffer a lying manipulator to live (Is the feeling I got when dealing with such as this, but I gave this intention to the SPIRIT that he might reach them to the heart or others by their demise) see (perfect love, better than a bullet I will not hurt anyone, but many will get hurt, Hearts will break!) because they will just abuse the law and lie about what happened no matter what. I learned a lot about how the SPIRIT uses such as a lying manipulator to teach a person how to trust the SPIRIT therefore these can exist for the purpose of reaching "my own" to the heart.  But the manipulators that cannot be reached should be used to reach those that remain.

The Crown Quote season 1 episode 2
"You have to be a monster to defeat Hitler"

The quickest way to get rid of a manipulator is to allow your heart to be reached and begin to trust SPIRIT to fulfill the promise to deliver you from such as betray, lie and manipulate for profit. Then you can leave the struggle and through faith and patience wait for what the SPIRIT has promised to you. After a while you find that your alright and others are being reached by the same. Yet in the end all such as do manipulation and lying are actually caught in a net and you see the SPIRIT deliver many by what happens to those that cannot be reached because they love money and manipulation but never knew the SPIRIT that is love and life.

I will not hurt anyone but the SPIRIT allows those that come after me to destroy themselves.

It might be the earth itself, it might be Yellowstone, but the synch is beginning that will be like these are ragdolls in a tornado.

If you do not have true intention of heart toward SPIRIT then you are to be hunted and removed from this temple.


Do not worship the message or the messenger but give your whole attention to finding the SPIRIT which is LIFE to reveal what is hidden and do not follow the interpretations because they are the letter that is leading to death,  reach to the SPIRIT for salvation that is who spoke through even such as Jesus.

Why all religion has followed a lie

The dna makes up every creature, both the mouse and the monster, and something comes to check others whatever gets out of balance. You may have been betrayed by someone that promised to make you right, but it is the SPIRIT that is to lead you. The intention of one connected to SPIRIT produces amazing things.


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