Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Get Ready!!!
Black Friday

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a dinging cymbal.

The Gifts are ON THE TREE
Christmas Walk

Love is Synchronicity with Others
Therefore I must break your heart because you misunderstood love

If you are not the third Butterfly
then you have not begun to love
Unless your heart has been broken by love 
You have not begun
Interpretation speaks of love
but is designed to keep you from it

If you and I were in love
And true SPIRIT was at the center
If you and I had our grass hut
If You and I had our vegetable garden
Would this movie make sense

Without love what good is their ideology?
What good is an interpretation of scripture if it causes you to believe a lie?
Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me.
Like my first recognized synch when I was first seeking the love that "IS SPIRIT" in 1979
It was the lightning that struck from the east to the west
My heart was broken because I saw that I had followed an interpretation
and really never knew the SPIRIT
So it was in the days of Noah, everyone believed they knew what was right
but in one moment they were jolted and died and realized that they had followed a lie
Desolation is death whether you move on to a new life or not
Whether you have gone on to live through SPIRIT/CHRIST
or whether you are no more
Desolation is Inevitable!!

Reach to know the SPIRIT through your own being
When my wave passes over you allow yourself to be swept into wonder
Die in this Love and Leave the Struggle!

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