Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Martyrs for a lie, Jolt, Enemies of SPIRIT

Going away for a while as I do not want to see those that die for a lie soon.

I am letting go as Silence is Coming,  though all was said in the predictions over 30yrs, I could not reach you and I am turning over this country and the world to appease the blood that cries from under the altar.

Here are the posts related to all who fight are enemies of the SPIRIT and both sides are condemned to die, thus eliminating the enemies of the SPIRIT. As with the time of Jesus your interpretation will not save you  from what is coming. I could not reach  you therefore I am leaving this blog until such as have true intention of heart appear. The slaughter that is coming is being drawn by all interpretations that are not from SPIRIT.  Desolation is Inevitable as predicted. It is not because of lust for life, but because of the maddening wine of money and power used by women separated from men, used by those such as Dutch related to my family, and such as this administration that uses lies and those that love those lies.

The message is

Get off this planet as you do not have true intention of heart toward the SPIRIT or each other.

Let the SPIRIT give notice of this to the whole world now!

There has been enough manipulating and lying from all parties that are separate from the SPIRIT and who hide behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT. Let the SPIRIT be appeased.

The last ditch before this world ends is that hearts are reached by those that are to be taken and in the manner that they are taken I ask that it spells out their rejection of SPIRIT.

Many that are about to be taken will never know why and I ask that those that do know not as religion knows but as the SPIRIT now proclaims,,,, get off this planet!!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Earthquakes, Get OFF MY PLANET & the Wild Ride Synchs

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The get of this planet synch!!!!!

I don't care how right your interpretation is about them and what they have done. This is about what you have not done.
Appease this anger my life, wash away my sorrow, take away my pain, get this shit off this planet!!!!

I will not hurt anyone, but perfect love is better than a bullet!!!!

Let their shame be revealed even as they are taken away,,, starting with all who manipulate and lie against the SPIRIT and for political reasons and who cause so many to be led to slaughter.

Real power is a very gentle intention given to the SPIRIT, there is nothing you can do except reach to the SPIRIT while you are still living.


No Help for 30yrs, the sooner one quarter of the population is obliterated the sooner the easier it will be to reach the rest with what they have overlooked. The hardest will be those in religion and science because they will be stumbling over their ideologies till they are dead and never making it to the cross/SPIRIT. Interpretations such as these liars that are manipulating now need to be shown for what they are. It does me no good after so many years I need to be alone with SPIRIT so I am going to take a rest now.


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