Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Trump is the PERFECT liar to reach you to the heart

I woke up this morning and saw this headline

Trump: People are disgusted with what is happening in democratic run cities

So I have to tell you this story about what happened to me and it is how the left is feeling right now.

How do you think you would feel if you knew you were being setup and manipulated by someone in this manner. Let's say the person was looking for a way to set you up and use it against  you and you were dealing with this thought all day as the person would not let you in your bedroom to get dressed and stood in your way trying to start an argument and obviously wanting you to move her out of the way by force so that they could use it against you. We stood in that doorway for a very long time as I knew not to touch this person as that is what they were waiting for. Patience won out after about an hour and she wanted to go somewhere in the car. So I was able to get dressed and drive but the intention was obvious in the car as well to create a scene and as we drove she got so worked up that she all of a sudden ripped the beads hanging from the mirror and they flew all over the car. I pulled to the side and calmly stepped out of the car and walked behind it. She got out and went to the driver's side and as she got in she said "you will never see your daughter again as I am going to Alabama". But she forgot the back window latch where the child's seat was had been broken and I opened the window on the Chevrolet Sprint and got my daughter in my arms at the moment she ran around and grabbed my neck and yanked me with my daughter in my arms out of the window. The glass window was connected by rubber hinges and it broke and 98 percent of the glass fell outside the car. She then said "Now I've got you" as I put my daughter back in the seat and began to clean up the glass that she broke by yanking my head out of the back window. I had not laid my daughter back in the seat because she was still connected and I turned to deal with her. She jumped around the car and hopped in and sped off to get the police. I walked a few miles back home to find many police cars lining the road. As I walked up to one I began to say what happened and they stopped me and said that was not necessary that a complaint was made and I was going to jail. Well, I had never once been in jail and this was horrifying and especially when it was really her intent to trap me all that day.

I am telling you this story as the manipulations went on to so many other con's related to this and I was so horrified and broken hearted that I began to just walk the streets. To think of how I would defend not only that but SO MANY MORE ways that I was being setup I could not breathe at times but then after going through the experience alone that I had put myself there for a reason I began to not look at the problem but actually at the flowers along the road as I walked. I had been having synchronicity in my life for over 12 years that had taught me many things and I realized I had asked to understand the true intentions of the heart. I had begun through Christianity to do this and to understand the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus as I believed it but could not fix my own percieved failings and had come to realize YOU/MY LIFE would have to fix them. Turns out I did not need fixing. The belief that I did was causing the problem.  What I needed was to continue to be guided by the SPIRIT as I always had been. In just enjoying my moments alone as no one would understand I began to undertand that in the moment I needed to explain anything I would be able to. And sure enough in court the public defender whom I had told exactly what happened turned on me and said. "Listen, we are going to take the plea deal" even after I explained everything and he knew I was setup. So I walked up to the Judge and said that I did not need the lawyer's services and can I defend myself? And  he said I had that right so I did. And put her up there and calmly went over every step of that morning to which she lied and acted like she did not remember but by just saying exactly what happened and she got caught in a lie I was aquitted of any wrong doing and this also happened many times over in different ways each time I was setup by her. Even in the divorce amazing things turned everything around but she kept at it by following me around the internet and manipulating to get people to be against me even to this day. But I had dreamed how I would reach her and my daughter and after many years I am here to say that the SPIRIT completed exactly everything I dreamed and then my dream of my family experiencing similar experience so they could understand the true intentions of the heart also happened with the con who took my family. Now you might say, but did you not lose monetarily in each of these experiences to which I would say, I gained more through each storm that I ever lost and it is the same at this moment though I cannot reach you now I know that like my family and like my children all of you will be returning to know the True Intentions of the heart through these experiences. Trump is a liar and a manipulator and HE IS PERFECT TO REACH YOU TO THE HEART by not seeing what your intent is but only seeing what his purpose is and by practicing such deceit. And those like the women that hated me because of my ex but now they see and are ashamed so it is that the right that believe Trump's lies now seem to be winning but as it was written in the synchs

Sunday, August 25, 2013The energy of what was started on the forums long agoSo it is that it seems as though they had won until the storm came and washed it all away. Tomorrow is the anniversary of something that was started on the forums long ago,a great collision between appearances and truth. It seemed then as though appearances had won. The flesh is tired and easily manipulated but none see what is coming around the bend. Thanks to You Eagle and to those that have struggled to know SPIRIT and not to be caught up in the manipulation of appearances.A storm is a gift, an opportunity to align with SPIRIT and reap benefit while those that have worked for appearances are swept away in an instant. (Yes, Get Ready for the Wild Ride!)I am so physically tired but I know that tomorrow morning I will find freshness in YOU once again. I will be able to go on by not looking at those that manipulate appearances behind the scenes but by seeing only YOU/SPIRIT.
So take heart those on the left and even many with True Intent on the right but understand that neither side is right and those that believe you are wrong who hold up a bible believe that will save them but they never knew the "true intentions of the heart" and everything will be exposed but for now until you are reached to the heart I NEED TRUMP TO BREAK YOUR HEARTS so that in the end you will know as I came to know it is not her that broke my heart, it was not Trump that broke your hearts but it is the SPIRIT that is life that you will say  

Blessed is He Who Nailed me to this Tree
As it is the SPIRIT that is life that is doing it through Trump's maligned intention

No they will not get off the hook but will also be reached by what happens and whom is first now will be last. Allow your hearts to be reached.

Trump is the PERFECT liar to reach you to the heart

Your hearts may break in November but either way understand that what is coming is cause the humiliation necessary to stop the brain from trying to manipulate everything and everyone is guilty of that. For everyone especially in religion who did not follow the SPIRIT follows a presumption meant to catch them in a net and lead to the real meaning of the cross that interpretations overlook.

This will also break the hearts of those on the right related to Jesus because they never knew him truly according to the SPIRIT as it is the SPIRIT that he allowed speak through him therefore it is the SPIRIT each person is to realize according to his own dreams.

Sure I post my synchs but I have left the struggle and it is there that I am to meet you.

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