Sunday, September 02, 2007

Nature's synergistic method

extracted from post on Oroborus by dnatree

today's synchs

Speaking of method to madness my synch today has been about how animals methods are synergistic (like our bird's eating habit has to do with an agreement with nature to spread seeds and their built in forgetfulness leaves some for nature) and for reasons that cannot be fully understood, but that when you take away the synergistic method and replace it with a conception to fit the experience as humans much is missing that You don't find out until the damage is done. It has to do with sowing how the methods and evolution of animals happen.
While thinking about this synch and feeling for better examples a program came on public tv about a place where the envirement seemed almost to be destroyed, but that "nature has found a way as if by magic to rescue that envirement. The beasts patterns were given it during it's evolution at a moment of great crisis (end of one species "creatures" world) when it reached with it's heart and sowed to Spirit and was changed in a moment to meet the need. This synch relates to the coming human crisis that will change us and make each individually a "new creature."


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