Friday, October 19, 2007

Allow the Children to come to ME!

At 14 Pam's son did not want to get up in the morning. He did not do homework and he played on the computer all day. When Pam and his father wondered what to do I had the word "The Passion is Coming" and a vision of my own life come to me. I said a new love (girlfriend) is coming and he would find the passion. Since then the girlfriend came and he got to where he took a computer job and worked six days a week even after the girlfriend went away. Now he thought that college would be a break from all this work and does a radio program and many other things along with homework. He is doing well.

At age twelve something happens related to human development. And if parents were to see what their moments speak to them they would know to direct their loved ones to know the Spirit through the poetry of their moments and experience.

Allow the Children to come to me.

Which means

Let their circumstances communicate through their moments and let it not be Your Circumstances (punishment) they feel. That they might know their moments and turn and understand who it is that speaks.
I will reach their hearts, as the Spirit knows all the ways of the heart.
Allow Your children to learn from me.

Those that love punishment will learn the greatest lessons from the circunstances they set for others.


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