Monday, November 12, 2007

Are You ready to go with me?

Image of JOE VS the VOLCANO

Are You ready to go with me?
All the storms and waves and lightning is life itself and then you gotta jump into the volcano. A week before they threw him into the volcano /cross/ his fear that he would over come they called him their king, their leader. No, I don't want to be a leader, but I am not worried about jumping in the volcano either.

Image at the beginning of the movie.
Image in Joe vs the volcano
Loosin Your soul?

The miracle Pam was looking for was in this movie as well as a beautiful image about the RIDE so far that I wanted to leave You with (checkout the boat ride to the island) The one's that were [b]willing to jump were saved but all those that were not willing perished.[/b]

Today it was in the news:
Story in the news

[b]Witness describes holding Diana's hand [/b]
[quote]LONDON - A man testifying at an inquest Monday described holding Princess Diana's hand as she repeated "My God, my God" moments after her car crashed in Paris. [/quote]


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