Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thank the Spirit!!!!

quote schmemmm from Prophecies.us http://prophecies.us/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1198101336/23#23

Well I once said that I really didn't think much of mariah careys career and I had no respect for her and a young man here called me on it.

That is what springs to mind when I view this thread.
I do now find myself in a position where I can respect these people, not because I know them, but because they are souls too, they are part of creation too, they are sentient beings and can be respected if a person chooses to.
In a book that I read it says that you do not pity a person because to do that is not to love them, it is to deny their power, you can be happy with yourself and offer a hand up to those who ask for one and rest assured that people can be themselves and they have every tool they would ever need to feel loved and to bring themselves out of the darkness they may be in but they have free will also so it is not our place to change them and be disappointed that they were not what we expected.
All three have a life on earth and we may not know them but we can know they have had successful careers, especially madonna who offered to assist britney a few years ago and we may not understand all the things they do or the things they choose, but they do have freewill and they have come here for their own reasons and they can choose any path they want or any faith they want, I know I have had a few along the way in my incarnations and that we can respect them them or not.
So thank DNA tree, it is your message of respect and love that I think of for these people who incarnated to earth at this time And I hope they feel it back from the universe and all that is.


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