Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desolation is what You have drawn to Yourself, presumptuous that hate the Spirit

My good friend wanted to tell me of his son in Alabama that stepped outside his house and no other house was standing as far as You could see. We thought about our connection and love and friendship and Mark/My friend's belief related to this.

By the time they realize how real this is will it be too late for most of them?

I had to experience how much those on the forums really hated the Spirit and will not change in order to agree with Spirit that desolation which they are drawing is what is needed. Now like the Spirit love is toward My Own and desolation is necessary to reach them to the heart. There is not a thing they can do as the Spirit will not be soothed by them. They had ten years to be reached and rejected this. For My Own to see how to treat the very least of them I say to these "Get Off My Planet".

Woke up dreaming of CNN

You are in me and I am in You also refers to animals and not just humans,, it is DNA… no the religion just propelled the words here. Made up a story from the deluding influence without the Spirit and thought the body was a religious thing but it is the whole planet…


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