Thursday, June 30, 2011

I now turn to those rejected by Society, the Snake and the Women that love that LIE

Having been despitefully manipulated and Rejected by those that hate me and hate the Spirit. I now turn to all those burdened and rejected by Society to tell You the truth about the Spirit. Those that have had their lives and belongings stolen by the Woman through the Snake as the Spirit of the father has so been stolen from.
For I was rejected by society too, even after they followed and saw the predictions come true for ten years things that they were told they DRAW TO THEMSELVES.
The hurricanes, Tsunami's , Meltdown, fires, floods and Stock Losses. And many other predictions over the ten years to several forums. But they hated me for telling them the truth.
So it is that I now choose to only speak to all of those rejected and blamed by society that You might know the Smallest of points overlooked.

For he was humiliated as You also were and he was rejected, as You also are, and he judged by them by Their Interpretation but not by the True Intentions of the Heart. There is a great story coming to show the world the Smallest of Points overlooked which IS the SPIRIT. And how it is that as a man can do 99% of what they interpret yet one thing they deny and misunderstand therefore they judge YOU. Only to find that they are now judged according to how they judged and how they got behind a serpent to accuse the bretheren and put many to death. So all those that believe the leaders are Murderers and guilty of the blood of billions. You can start new as the Spirit is about "NO SHAME OR BLAME" that those rejected might enter in and be given the power to overcome them. The tesitments that they use as a deluding influence through INTERPRETATION without the SPIRIT to trap the least of them has really caught These in a net. For the words were given but the way was in the same manner that Jesus experienced it "drank that cup". For I have found in reaching them plainly with the truth about the Spirit that they reject and indeed intentionally set You up and judge You NOT ACCORDING TO THE TRUE INTENTIONS OF YOUR HEART (THESE KNOW TO WHOM I SPEAK) But according to the intentions of the heart of those that hate YOU and the Original Intentions of the Heart as expressed through the Spirit. For they never knew the true intentions of a man or a creature regarding passion and what motivates the heart. But demanded You worship the interpretation. And Jesus himself trying to reach them was humiliated and rejected and denied and so he said "Go to the Spirit for the truth" and also that he intends to catch them that love THAT LIE that the Snake and the Woman that loves a lie demand the world worship. But he gave them their king and their interpretation as they DEMANDED saying that it will lead to DESOLATION. And it will, but the Spirit will lead all those rejected for seeking from the Spirit the truth to how You through such the same passion to lead draw to You LIFE.

The stories that have been handed down like those that were saved out of jails by earthquakes and those saved from lions were where those of faith went against the kings and laws because their lives led them in that direction and the snake/preacher/law/leader and the woman that loved that lie was wrong. But those that think they OWN the book would never interpret what is in front of them in that way.

The Wildheart manifests through a lamb in it's certain way, but the Wildheart manifests through a lion in another way, You misunderstood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honor the Son! - John 5:22-23

"Also, the Father judges no one. But the Father has given the Son power to do all the judging. God did this so that all people will respect the Son the same as they respect the Father. If a person does not respect the Son, then that person does not respect the Father. The Father is the One who sent the Son."


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